Sodium Tungstate Physical Properties

Sodium Tungstate Picture

Sodium Tungstate Physical Property

Molecular formula : Na2WO4
Molecular Weight: 329.86 g/mole
Molar mass:293.82 g·mol−1
Physical state and appearance: Solid.
Melting Point: 692.22℃ (1278°F)
Specific Gravity: 3.25 - 4.15(Water = 1)

Nature : a white crystalline powder, rhomboidal, mineral spinel structure. The temperature of 698 ℃, density 4.179g/cm3. In dry air weathering. Air heated to 100 ℃ or concentrated sulfuric acid can be stripped dry crystalline water. Three tungsten oxide and liquid caustic soda or soda ash by heating system in concentration crystallization. 10 hydrate colorless crystals, the 6℃ easy dehydration two hydrate. Preparation for the metal tungsten and tungsten products, the other intermediate materials, and for the production of paints and pigments Light, heavier fabrics agent, waterproof fabric and fire, as alkaloids precipitant.